About Us

RFX Industries mainly deals in RF Shielding accessories used forpersonal safety from Radio frequency (RF) radiation and in various industries for RF equipment testing and protection. Our product range includes various clothing gears, mobile phone pouches, RF shield for laptops, RF Shielding chambers, RF Shielding blended clothes, and conductive clothes. We also provide consultation for RF and EMF shielding for various personal and industrial applications.

We take care in understanding the customer’s needs through technology, Research and Development. Continuous efforts are being made in improving technology to give best quality products at affordable prices.

With our strong fundamentals in Research and Development, design and manufacturing, we are in a position to introduce ourselves in the market. We possess a team of highly qualified engineers who are capable of using their top-notch knowledge to provide you with the RF Shielding solutions for your need.

Radio frequency waves health hazards

RF radiations are considered to be big hazard to human being. In today’s world we are surrounded by RF radiations everywhere. Everybody is equipped with mobile sets which work through RF wave transmission. Your mobile phone keeps on emitting RF signals even when it is idle, for updating its location and other control signaling required by the base station, and continuous exchange of internet traffic with Wi-Fi routers. We have a habit/compulsion of keeping mobile phone close to our body; either we carry it in pocket of shirt or pocket of our pants. Both ways the RF signals emitted by mobile phone adversely affect our internal delicate organs like heart and tissues. This can increase chances of heart attacks and cancer, and reduce the sperm count affecting the male fertility. An obvious solution for this problem is to protect our internal organs which come in the direct radiation exposure due to mobile phone being close to our body. At the same time, we need our mobile phones active to receive the incoming calls. So we need a solution which can protect our body organs close to the mobile phone and at the same time can connect with the base station or Wi-Fi routers. Similarly, the laptop also radiates RF and EMF signals along with enormous heat. One needs a protection pad to save your vital organs from these while working on the laptops. RF radiation affects our brains as well, so a product is needed which can protect our brain from absorbing the RF waves. Our homes also required to be saved from excessive RF radiations because of existing excessive RF infrastructure around us. An RF chamber can be used at homes to keep ourselves away from RF waves for some time for getting some health benefits. We have a large range of Radiation Protection accessories at an affordable prices.